Andrew J weller

Andrew Weller Watercolour Illustrations, Line & Wash Artist

Watercolour Illustrations, Line & Wash Artist

Welcome to my website, below you will find links to buy original artwork, watch my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram. There is also a section about commissioned artwork and how to get in touch.


I've drawn and sketched for as long as I can remember I would spend hours doodling imaginary architecture scenes. As I got holder I tried various mediums including acrylics and airbrush painting but would always return to bold black lines with pen and ink.

I was also a photographer and became a professional commercial photographer in the late 90’s. My own work though was in black and white sort of an extension on my Pen and Ink drawings which gave me an endless amount of material to sketch without the distractions of colour.

I never thought about selling my work though I had done quite a few commissions so around 2019 I thought why not and proceeded to setup an online shop as well as promoting my work on Instagram. At the same time I started introducing colour into my sketches I was pleased with the results and tried to develop a style of my own.

andrew weller Watercolour Illustrations, Line & Wash Artist

My Style

My style if you can call it a style is a sort of mixture of illustration, traditional watercolour techniques loose in places with lots of white space. People seem to like this approach and I have sold many paintings and commissions worldwide.


Commissioned Artwork

Having a commissioned painting is probably one of the nicest presents you could give anyone. It could be a moving in present of their new home or a favourite location, wedding venue or just something that is very personal to that person.

All I need is a couple of good photographs to work from, sometimes if it’s a popular location they can be found on the internet but you might need the photographers permission to use their images.

The first step is to get in touch you can use the form opposite to tell me about your ideas. I will then get back to you with my suggestions and prices.

Unfortunately I do not do pets or people


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Text or call: 07971 615778